Tres Agaves Reposado Tequila

Tres Agaves Reposado Tequila

When your Reposado is awarded a Wine Enthusiast ‘Top 100 Spirit of the Year’, you can be sure you’ve got a good thing going.  Maybe it has to do with the organic blue agaves grown in the Tequila Valley, imbued with the region’s terroir.  Or maybe it’s the combination of our Tennessee Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon barrels that age our Reposado for 9 months, imparting hints of citrus, spice, and baked tropical fruits.  The end result is the same, a Reposado with a perfect balance of agave-forward notes and barrel flavors.  An Organic 100% de Agave Reposado Tequila that can be just as easily sipped neat or mixed in a tequila drink or margarita.  So, find a bottle near you (or send it to your doorstep), gather your family or friends, and let our hard work be your escape to relaxation.


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