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Tequila Vacations: Beach Time in Sayulita

September 24, 2019

Sayulita may not make tequila, but that doesn't find you can't find good tequila and Margaritas there, in addition to enjoying the beach

Relaxing on a Mexican beach - fabulous. Doing so with hordes of other tourists- less fabulous. Now, there are no beaches in Tequila, but that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't spend time on one after trying out the Blancos, Reposados and Anejos of our home town. To avoid the crazy of Puerto Vallarta, try Sayulita, a charming, low-key surf town in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit, lives and breathes relaxation.  While you won't be the only tourists, there giant tourist factory hotels are absent.

Fly into Puerto Vallarta International Airport or take the 4-hour drive from Tequila to Sayulita, and check into one of the many great inns and hotels in Sayulita.  We love Amor and Oz. Just be sure to make a reservation because the area’s busy season, November to February, can make accommodations far and few in between.  

Once you’ve settled, you can find almost every type of cuisine, from torta and taco stands to chocolate crepes and pizza.  We love Tacos El Tal and Don Pedros, a lively surf-and-turf restaurant sitting right on the beach.  Grab a table facing the sea and watch the beautiful orange and pink hues dance before you as the Mexican sun sets over the Pacific.  Fear not - there is ample Tequila for margaritas, cocktails, or drinking neat.

Take some time to take a relaxing stroll through the town with its picturesque plaza and small streets (including an alley decorated with a lot of papeles). Artwork from Mexico's indigenous peoples is sold throughout Sayulita, including at Manyana, which ceramics, apparel, and other accessories sourced from Mexico.  

We’d be remiss to not mention the incredible beachscape in Sayulita.  The Central Sayulita beach has an incredible surf break, attracting surfers from Mexico, North America, and beyond!  Don’t worry - you don’t have to be the next Kelly Slater to enjoy a day out on the water.  When you’re done, get some fresh fruit juice and relax.  

If you have any places you love in Sayulita, let us know!


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